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9th ESSC International Congress, Tirana, Albania – the new deadline for abstract submission – update

5th BioHydrology Conference 2019, Valencia, Spain

2 Grants for Young Researchers – ESSC Congress

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8th International Symposium on Gully Erosion, Townsville, Australia


8. 3. 2019

European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC)  provides

2 grants of 500.00 € each to 2 young researchers

(less than 35 years old) members of the ESSC, to support their participation to the 9th ESSC International Congress on “Soil's Contribution to People: from Food to Life supporting Services”. The Conference will be hosted in Tirana (Albania) from 26 to 28 September 2019.


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02. 04. 2017

Winners of the two ESSC grants

to support their participation to the 8th ESSC International Congress during the next CONSOWA CONFERENCE (Lleida, Spain, from 12 to 16 June 2017)

Layla Márquez San Emeterio

PhD Student

Department of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry Faculty of Sciences University of Granada (Spain)

I am a graduate in Environmental Sciences from Pablo de Olavide University (Seville, Spain). My first research on the domain of Soil and Water Conservation focused on the monitoring of the hydrological monitoring of an artificial wetlands system, in order to modeling hydrological dynamics and observe the natural evolution of surrounding flora and avifauna. In the meanwhile, I also have been very active in social institutions frequently volunteering my time, in the design and development of activities regarding local environmental education initiatives In 2015 I joined the Department of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry at University of Granada (UGR), in which I continue working whilst conducting my PhD. I am working in the Project “Reutilization of agricultural wastes in subtropical orchards”, which aims to develop the application of mulching as a sustainable measure for improving soil quality and agricultural productivity. Currently I am working on my PhD thesis at UGR, which explores the evaluation of different bioindicators in soils for assess soil quality and fertility after the addition of prunings in olive groves and subtropical orchards located in Spain.

Alicia Speratti

is a PhD candidate in Dr. Mark Johnson’s lab at the Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Her research focuses on the use of biochar to improve soil nutrient and water retention in sandy soils of the Cerrado region in Mato Grosso, Brazil. After a year and a half in Brazil conducting her field work, she participated in a 6-month study exchange at the University of Barcelona in Spain.

Before studying at UBC, she completed a B.Sc. in environmental sciences and world literature at the University of Toronto and a M.Sc. in soil ecology at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University, both in Canada. Being originally from Paraguay, she has a strong interest in environmental and sustainable development work in Latin America. This led her in the past to an internship with UNEP Brazil and consultancies with PAHO in Bolivia and CIMMYT in Mexico. She is presently finishing her dissertation and plans to pursue a career in climate change and sustainable agriculture.


Thought for the month

“Nothing causes as much damage as does neglected land”

(Plinius Secundus, 23-79 AD).

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